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Innovative Reliquaries

Finding suitable and reasonably priced reliquaries to house relics is becoming inceasingly difficult. This is especially true when the thecas or relics are of such size that standard reliquaries are not large enough to house them. Sometimes a person needs to be a bit creative and think outside the box, so to speak. One can frequently find antique wooden clock cases on eBay, garage sales or flea markets. Most no longer work and, in fact, many have had the mechanisms removed from them. The price is usually quite low. I have paid as little as $5.00 to a high of about $50.00 for more ornate cases. With a bit of imagination and a little creative ability these can be turned into very nice looking shrines to house relics.

Generally, I create a background of foam board covered with red felt on which I attach the thecas or photos. You may have another preference. As I said, be creative and use you imagination.

Three reliquaries holding relics of Cristero martyrs from Mexico. These house relics of Bl. Jose Sanchez del Rio (ex ossibus), Bl. Miguel Pro (ex capsa) and St. Pedro Maldonado (ex tela embuta sanguine).

St. Kateri Tekakwitha
ex ossibus

St. Gabriel (Francesco) Possenti
ex ossibus

St. Nicholas of Myra
ex ossibus

St.Damien of Molokai
ex capsa

St. Cecilia
ex ossibus, ex velo

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