Collage of Junk

One of our U.K. correspondents took some time yesterday and went through many of the recent offerings on eBay. He came up with a huge collection of fake and dubious relics being sold primarily from European countries. Some are fake types we have seen before and reported on. Some are new discoveries. Several sellers are specializing, it seems, in fake tube reliquaries. I will post more as time permits.

"Whoever makes false relics or whoever knowingly sells or distributes or exposes false relics for public veneration, incurs ipso facto an excommunication reserved to the Ordinary (c. 2326).
(The Collectio Rerum Liturgicarum of Rev. Joseph Wuest, C.SS.R., Latin - 1889)

More to come soon!

Relics marked with ? MAY be genuine but require closer inspection.

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