Avoid Any Relics Bearing This Seal

"Relics" bearing this seal have been around now for 2-3 years. Originally, we felt that they would quickly disappear as the seal is so obviously a fake. We did not make a big deal out of them. However, these fakes continue to make an appearance on eBay, primarily from a certain seller in the Netherlands. I think the more 'knowlegeable' criminals now avoid selling these for the obvious reason. The 'Flying Dutchman' however, doesn't care whether the relics he sells are genuine or fakes as long as there are suckers out there willing to take the bait.

All the fakes we have seen bearing this fake seal have, of course, been of the most desirable relics. The True Cross seems to be the most popular scam these days. The seal, itself, appears to be made in red candle wax or parafin and is not regular sealing wax.

Unless you are accumulating a collection of fake relics for educational purposes, avoid these.

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