The Bishop Lecomte Fakes

Charles Albert Lecomte was bishop of Amiens (France) in the 1930s. As with the Ferrante documents, the Lecomte documents have also been used to accompany fake relics. Shown to the left is a typical fake relic and fake document that was produced by scam artists. The document is dated 1931. However, the theca described in the document was produced by the company Fonderia Zafo in Italy. The company was founded in the late 1970s and did not start to produce these thecas until several years later. This writer contacted the company in Italy and verified that the theca was, indeed, produced by them. Some of these fakes came with documents dated after the year 1934, the year in which Bishop Lecomte passed away.

Numerous fake relics such as these surfaced suddenly in the year 2006, all of them from one dealer based in the United States. When confronted with this evidence the dealer did refund money to those who requested it if the "relics" were returned. He then proceeded to sell the same relics again but without the incriminating documents.

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