Just Arrived from Costa Rica via Mexico
November 3, 2012

A correspondent in Juarez, Mexico, sent me a series of images this morning he had received from friends in Costa Rica. They wanted a relic of the True Cross examined for authenticity. Unfortunately, all of the images of the theca and seal were extremely blurry and of no help. However, additional images were not required here as the document itself condemns the relic to the trash pile. My Latin skills are poor, the last class I had was in my sophomore year of high school MANY years ago, so I can't comment on how proper or improper the wording of the document is. What shows this to be a fake is the date of the document. The relic was, supposedly, prepared in 1966 by Bishop Giulio Oggioni. One little mistake that this counterfeiter did make - Giulio Oggioni was not consecrated bishop until 1972. It took a five minute GOOGLE search to find that information. What a valuable resource we have in the Internet! Keep your eyes open as there are bound to be more of these floating around.

Check it for yourself here!

Update - I just had a message from our Mexican correspondent. His source says the "relics" originated in Italy and have appeared in Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Peru.

November 7, 2012, update - Two days ago I received an email from a Franciscan brother in Venezuela along with some fuzzy images of an identical "relic" of the True Cross and he wanted to confirm its authenticty. I gave him the bad news and told him to either 1.) turn the relic and document over to law enforcement for prosecution or 2.) completely destroy the "relic" and document so that it does not end up being venerated or end up being recycled back into the criminal trade in relics.


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