Corpus Dei Fakes

by 'EdinburghTrad'

Corpus Dei ('Bishop' Ralph Napierski) - His name has come up before, and his whole sad history can be found with a quick google search, but suffice it to say that, whilst he claims to be a validly consecrated 'episcopus vagans', the German diocese in which he lives has issued an official denial of his orders, and he is currently listed as the German Bishop of the 'Abundant Life Church' an African schismatic sect. He is the founder (and probably sole member) of a so-called Equestrian Order of Chivalry- 'Corpus Dei', in whose name his issues very unconvincing relics, in small plastic boxes, with inkjet certificates. The relics themselves are said to be 'encased in moulded metal to protect them', and, although unconvincing regularly seem to sell at around 120/$150+ 'Bishop Ralph' is also well known as a computer hacker, and as a supporter (in his official capacity as Bishop) of a number of positions and organisations wildly contrary to Church teaching.

An example of "Bishop Ralph's" handywork.

Another example of his 'relics'.

Meet Bishop Ralph