Russian Junk
October 29, 2012

These obvious fakes have only recently made an appearance on eBay but, considering the prices they sold for, they will not be the last. So far, both the examples we have seen were "issued" by Cardinal Deacon Giuseppe Versaldi. One is of St. Eugene, martyr, and the other of St. Helena. Both are in cheap plastic containers, not in regular metallic thecas.

Check out the "authentic" pictured below. Guido says the Latin is horrendous, probably about the level one might expect from a first-year secondary level student and not what one would expect from a high Vatican official. Notice how the seller has conveniently covered the year of issuance with the theca. This was done on both "relics" recently sold. Giuseppe Versaldi was only recently elevated to cardinal on February 18, 2012, and I am willing to bet that the year shown on the document is previous to this date. And what about that title - "asst. postulator"?

Totally laughable if it were not for the fact that there are gullible people willing to pay big bucks for pure trash.

November 3, 2012, update - the criminal has just listed 10 more of these fakes. I asked Guido if he has a connection in the Roman Curia who could please contact the cardinal about this situation.

November 7, 2012 - Guido was able to contact a friend in the office of the Cardinal. This morning the relics had been removed from eBay. Sometimes the good guys win one!

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