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Guidelines for Sponsoring a Veneration

Monstrance Reliquary
A veneration of a single or several relics should always be held in a church and, if possible, within the context of a liturgy. Libraries and school gymnasiums or cafeterias do not provide the proper atmosphere of respect and honor and tend to turn the veneration into an exhibition or sideshow.

Single Relic Veneration - Please make your request at least a month in advance if you wish to use a relic at your church for your patron saint's feast day. Whenever possible, we will try to have the relic enclosed in our traveling reliquary monstrance (shown to the left) that can be carried in a procession and/or displayed near the altar. The monstrance is approximately 13 inches tall.

Major Relic Veneration - To sponsor a major relic veneration of up to 20 - 21 relics we need to have your request at least 6 months in advance as considerable planning is involved. Please check our schedule of events to make sure that your date has not already been requested.

For All The Saints ministry provides these services free of charge. Sponsoring churches and organizations are never to charge an admission fee or even provide for a free will offering or donation to view the Veneration as this could be construed by some as paying for a spiritual favor (Simony) which is forbiddden by canon law. A voluntary stipend paid to For all the Saints may be made to help defray the costs of preparation for the event but is never a requirement..

Sponsoring organizations are responsible for providing security at the Veneration and a responsible person or persons must always be present during the event to assure that none of the relics mysteriously "disappear." When the relics are not on public display, they should be held in a secure location.

Sponsors are responsible for providing tables for the event and suitable coverings or table cloths.

Sponsors are responsible for providing two or three people to help unload and set up the veneration and to help pack and load the materials once the event is over.

Sponsoring organizations are responsible for any and all publicity for the Veneration and any printing costs for programs. For All The Saints will provide the sponsoring organization with a master copy of a program for the event.